After graduating from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Engineering, I began working for a Fortune 500 Company. As I progressed from associate engineer to manager, it quickly became clear that innovation would be the cornerstone of my career. Projects I have led include a mobile mapping and inspection undertaking and a $100M digitization effort. My innovation efforts have continued as an entrepreneur, most notably by leading the product vision, strategy, design, marketing, and development for a faith and tech venture. Please see my resume for more details about my experience.

As for my strengths, I'm a hard worker; self-motivated and relentless in my pursuit of an objective. I believe planning is key and the best plans are those in which the risks have been identified, assessed, and reduced. I'm a quick study and I love to learn. It's my love of learning that allows me to thrive in dynamic work environments. I'm highly analytical; excellent at organizing data and bringing structure to ideas. I also love to solve problems and I use my analytical skills in the process. It is a wonderful feeling to identify the source of a problem, resolve the issue, and ultimately restore something to its true glory.

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Religious institutions are no longer culturally relevant in the lives of millennials. Meanwhile, depression and anxiety have reached epidemic proportions, leading to increased rates of drug use and suicide. Without faith, what's the meaning of life? Faith leaders must be more effective in their use of technology for ministry to stay relevant and engage millennials. Contact me to learn more about classes and workshops for faith leaders.
pocket.rev is developing a content sharing web app that allows faith leaders to minister to millennials in an authentic and culturally relevant way.


Pricing available upon request. Services that strengthen my portfolio are discounted.
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